Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO)

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) elastomers is a combination of PP and another polyolefin that have been modified to provide better ductility and impact resistance, its ease of processing, lightweight nature, and chemical resistance of PP, TPO compounds can be formulated for increase UV weathering & Scratch resistance when needed


  • Good Dimension Stability
  • High Impact Strength
  • Good Heat Aging Properties
  • Low Density
  • Good Chemical Resistance
  • Good Processability
  • Low Cost
  • Extensive Compounding capabilities
  • Good Recyclability
  • Non-hygroscopic, pre-drying is not necessary
  • Coloured grades available

Typical Applications

  • Exterior Automotive parts Bumpers, Bumper Pannels& Parts, Air Intake Ducts, Grilles etc.
  • Interior – Instrument Pannel, Door Pannel, Control Knobs
  • Industrial products- gasket & seal, weatherstripingetc.
  • Appliance and housewares Products
  • Sporting goods
  • Personal Care goods
  • Wire and cable Flexible cord, welding cable jacket , automotive wire & cable
  • Health care
  • Specification missing -take from website


Set(ISO 868) (Shore A-D)
50 А-60 D
0.88 1.12
Compression(Set) Very Good
Tensile Set (ISO 527) 10 kg/cm3 - 30 kg/cm3
Tear Set (ISO 34) 30 kg/cm3 - 50 kg/cm3
Elongation Set (ISO 527) (%) 400 - 1000
Working Temp. Max. (C) 100
Working Temp. Min.(C) -40
Solvent Resistance Medium
Motor Oil Resistance Medium
Acid-Base Resistance Excellent
UV-Ozone Stability Excellent
Wide hardness range
Does not require vulcanisation-quire higher saving on the processing costs
Remains flexible at low temperatures
High temperature resistance
Electrical insulator with very low conductivity
Has grades with very low compression set
Grades having excellent abrasion resistance
Excellent tear resistance
100% recyclable
PVC free
Resistance to solvents
Resistance to oil
Resistance to acids bases and detergents
Resistance to UV and ozone
Resistance to bacterial and fungus growth
Has low toxic potential, with many grades conforming with FDA regulations
Halogen free flame retardancy (VO-V1-V2)
Colored grades available
Allows direct colouring during processing by utilizing PP or PE based color
2-shot molding onto wide range of plasics
Suitable for co-extrusion process

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