Kitchenware & House hold

Thermoplastic elastomers are the most widely used materials in Kitchenware and house hold application market. Manufacturers have recognized TPE materials for a variety of consumer applications. The design flexibility of Flexishine Polyblends TPE has propelled its growth in the housewares and Kitchenware are very demanding as these are directly linked to varying consumer preferences that are driven by tastes, culture, economic diversity, societal influences, environmental considerations and statutory regulations.

Flexishine Polyblends TPE is an ideal solution for household products because it is resistant to heat and cold, can be shaped into any conceivable design, and has an appealing look and feel.

Grab any utensil from your kitchen with a soft touch handle and it is likely made using thermoplastic elastomers. From rigid plastic used for some kitchen knives, to soft, rubbery material used for child safety forks and spoons, TPE proves, to be the right material for the job.

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